Evaluates code in a context of a new read transaction

Input stack: code

Output stack: result of code evaluation

This instruction is one of two ways one can read from the database. Instructions like RETR are only possible in the context of a READ or a WRITE.

The total number of simultaneous read transactions is limited to 126.

PumpkinDB> ["hi" RETR] READ


Will allocate for code appended with an internal transaction end marker instruction.


EmptyStack error if stack is less than one item on the stack.

DatabaseError error if there's a problem with underlying storage.

Decoding error error if the code is undecodable.


evals : [1] READ.
invalid_code : [1 READ] TRY UNWRAP 0x05 EQUAL?.
empty_stack : [READ] TRY UNWRAP 0x04 EQUAL?.

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