Takes the topmost item and evaluates it as a PumpkinScript program on the current stack n TIMES

Input stack: code n

Output stack: result of code evaluation done n times

PumpkinDB> [HLC] 3 TIMES
0x000014A2D295195171C80000 0x000014A2D295195211F00000 0x000014A2D29519526BC80000


Allocates for recursion during runtime.


EmptyStack error if there is less than two items on the stack

Decoding error error if the code is undecodable.


works : [10] 3 TIMES STACK [10 10 10] EQUAL?.
works_0 : [10] 0 TIMES STACK LENGTH 0 EQUAL?.
empty_stack : [TIMES] TRY UNWRAP 0x04 EQUAL?.
empty_stack_1 : [1 TIMES] TRY UNWRAP 0x04 EQUAL?.
invalid_code : [1 1 TIMES] TRY UNWRAP 0x05 EQUAL?.

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